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Eating Disorders

Counseling for Eating Disorders and disordered eating for boys and girls, men and women


eating disorders

We all look for ways to manage overwhelming life circumstances, feelings or relationships and you may have turned to disordered eating. My work with you is not about blaming anyone or making you feel guilty. I recognize that you may not have known how to cope and/or didn't have the tools to cope differently. I regularly include these elements in treatment of eating disorders: 

  • learning and practicing a variety of coping skills
  • improving communication in relationships
  • understanding how the eating disorder developed

There is a lot of support for family involvement as part of successfully helping someone out of an eating disorder. When you are ready, we will look at how to integrate family involvement into your therapeutic process..

Below are links to various eating disorder resources that might be helpful if you or a loved one has an eating disorder:

National Eating Disorders Association

Eating Disorder Hope