Inside Out Collaborative
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Anxiety & Depression

Counseling Services for those struggling with anxiety and depression



Anxiety & Depression can both be very debilitating and isolating. Among other things, we will identify stressors for depressive or anxious thoughts, process how they are impeding you living life the way you want to be, and gradually work on taking steps toward change. If you are suffering from anxiety, you are likely experiencing some physical symptoms of anxiety and psychosocial symptoms as well. We will work on identifying how and when you are relaxed and what stressors trigger increased anxiety or panic attacks. If you are suffering from Depression, you may be experiencing lack of motivation, fatigue, feelings of meaninglessness, sadness, loneliness, shame and guilt. Both depression and anxiety can creep up on you without you really knowing where it came from or what led up to it, which is part of its downwards spiral. When anxiety and depression take over, it is hard to think and act yourself.  I work with you to get you back to yourself.